The French Oak Trading Company frequently receives shipments of quality vintage French Farmhouse design elements (50 – 100 years old), hand picked by our team from across Europe and including:

  • Beautiful vintage rustic wooden cheeseboards and oversized paddles
  • Handcrafted  antique wooden bowls
  • Amazing antique wooden pinyets used as proving trays in traditional bread making
  • Small vintage food preparation/serving tables carved from a single piece of wood
  • Fantastic zinc olive and grape gathering buckets
  • Stunning trillas used to thresh wheat


Our collection is a collaboration of multiple design elements merged into one space while simultaneously celebrating each objects individuality. It is a marriage of ideas enhancing and complimenting one another which brings a unique balance. It is the cultivation of many thoughts fused to form one story.
We have hand selected design elements salvaged from a wide range of sources across Europe that aim to provide clients with the ability to customise their projects with timeless unique products.

The Vintage French Farmhouse Shop is coming soon.

The following gallery provides a sampling of the design elements that we are able to source from around the globe, to add points of interest and enhance design themes.