Welcome to French Oak Trading Company

The Products

At the French Oak Trading Company we offer architects, designers and professionals in the building industry, and home owners, the unique opportunity to access:

  • French Oak solid flooring, boards, planks and parquetry
  • Quality reclaimed antique French Oak solid flooring, boards, beams, cladding and parquetry
  • French Oak custom made tables from new or antique reclaimed French Oak
  • Antique doors and custom made French Oak doors
  • Vintage French Farmhouse pieces
  • Reclaimed tomettes, tiles and bricks

 We source all our products with a focus on quality and with an understanding of the inherent beauty and artistry of the product.  We mill and finish the French Oak flooring and timber to the specific requirements of the project and will import specific rare and exotic products as required for individual projects. 

The Journey

Every grain has a story …

Through European salvage expeditions and supplier relationships we have access to handpicked unique building products that are individual, rare and rich in provenance, to enhance your building projects.  Each item adding character, timeless appeal and the opportunity to creatively explore an essential link to history.
From new French Oak timbers sourced from northern France for their unique grain patterns, patina and for their versatility and adaptability to the Australian environment; to reclaimed antique French Oak that has journeyed over hundreds of years, from its first planting to perhaps housing families, providing children with a vehicle for learning, sheltering animals or the creation of some other chapter in history; to antiquities and vintage pieces that celebrate the skills of artisans past; and lastly to enabling us to continue the journey through the sympathetic up cycling of materials, to create modern made to order tables and doors where the spirit of the timber lives on.

Our ability to reclaim the timeless beauty captured in these products, and hand crafted architectural design elements and translate them into modern day projects, is only bounded by our imagination and our ability to embrace creativity.

… and the story continues

The Team

Owners Michael and Toula Roden are joined by interior decorators and table makers (specialising in hand crafted recycled timber table furniture), to form the French Oak Trading Company team.

We are inspired not only by the versatility and adaptability of French Oak, new and reclaimed, but also by the antique treasures and how they can be incorporated into modern architecture and design. Since our inception we have been truly fortunate to build collaborations with similar minded individuals across the globe which has enables us to source and up cycle quality products that are unique, have timeless appeal and a provenance or story of their own.

We invite you to join us in bringing the beauty and warmth of this glorious timber to your architectural and interior projects today.