Every grain has a story …


French Oak  Trading Company sources antique woods, reclaimed building materials, and unique antiquities, from the ancient ‘industrial forests’ of Europe, to bring the timeless beauty of these unique design elements to your project.

Each piece of hand salvaged wood has stood the test of time, offering an incredibly stable and sustainable building material.  
In addition, we work with artisans who have a passion for their craft and for the character and history of the wood, to consciously breathe new life into the creation of French Oak Company Trading bespoke furniture.
        …and the story continues…

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Antique French Oak

French Oak Trading Company stocks a large range of reclaimed antique French oak from our Melbourne base.

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Bespoke French Oak Furniture

Our modern day artisans, who are passionate about their craft, up-cycling materials and show casing the beauty of wood with a “story”.



We have hand selected design elements salvaged from a wide range of sources across Europe.